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How GLOBAL operates?

GLOBAL is a PERSONNEL CERTIFICATION SCHEME that complies with ISO 17024:2012.

GLOBAL operates internationaly in the CERTIFICATION OF PERSONS for QUALIFICATIONS of several AREAS OF COMPETENCE, integrating requirements of different nations in order to promete GLOBAL CERTIFICATION OF PERSONS. 

For specific technical areas, the COMPETENCE COMMITTEE is created, which implements, together with GLOBAL, the CERTIFICATION PROGRAM and supports the accreditation of the EXAMINATION CENTERS and EXAMINERS.


The Competence Committee is Managed by an elected Chairman with fixed mandate and is related to a Competence Area.

The Competence Committee is composed by the Competence Centers, Examiners and Interested Parties in the Certification Programs of the specific Area of Competence.

The Competence Committee issues and controls the Certification Programs, the Exams and the registered Competence Centers and Examiners.

The Certification Program compiles the set of requirements for certification of a person in a specific Competence. The Certification Program is established and approved by the Competence Committee and details the process of certification.

The Certification Program indicates all steps from Request of Certification by the Candidate to the registration and issuance of the certificate.


The Competence Center is a public or private entity, registered by GLOBAL to promote training of persons and Exams.

Competence Centers uses qualified Examiners registerred by GLOBAL to apply Exams approved by the Competence Committee.

Competence Centers can also provide additional training and professional experience required in the Certification Programs.


Certification is performed as set forth in the Certification Program, which is a document with open access in which all requirements and certification process steps are established.

Carefully read the Certification Program and ask questions accessing Global or the registered Competence Centers in your field of interest.

The Request for Certification is the initial document that must be completed by the Candidate and sent to GLOBAL, indicating the desired certification and reporting personal data of the Candidate.

The request for certification is a form attached to the Certification Program.

The candidate is kept informed and can follow all the steps in the process.

Prove compliance with all the requirements

It is the responsibility of the Candidate to demonstrate that he meets all the requirements of certification.

In the case of Exams, the Competence Centers directly inform GLOBAL, being the responsibility of the Candidate only to refer the Exam, giving the required details.

Further information should be provided directly by the Candidate or by his Employer.


Over 500 Approved Persons in Exams linked to the Certification Programs in different countries.

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